Boston City Campus

As part of their commitment to getting students through the pandemic in an academically successful way, Boston City Campus' board has committed to NO FEE INCREASE for the 2021 Semester A. Application and registration happens online, keeping you safe while readying yourself to achieve your goals.

We all used to use a term about 20 -20 vision, seeing with perfect clarity. There is no person who could have foreseen what 2020 would bring to our world, nor could have anticipated the havoc that would reign through our world and the changes that would need to be made. Having always been leaders in adapting to the needs of the student and corporate and industry, Boston City Campus moved seamlessly into a complete digital educational offering for students including application, registration, academic material and even examinations.

Studying through a pandemic has been a challenge for students. Some institutions (like Boston!) managed to take their students from classroom to dining room table seamlessly, while others battled to create a virtual classroom. Boston has always relied on technology as an effective learning methodolgy as technology ensures: academic consistency, quality, delivery and validity of all materials and knowledge transfer.

Career Compass is a free self-exploration tool, self-exploration methodology is widely used in the career guidance field.

Holding a CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate certification can be game changing for IT professionals. The certification expands your career choices, and exposes you to the latest available CISCO technologies. So says Kobus Olivier, Head of Course development in IT at Boston City Campus. 


By Dr Deonita Damons. Boston invested in the development of a computerised assessment called Career Compass which helps you make a decision on which career to follow. Best thing is that it is offered free as part of Boston's corporate social responsibility to education.


By Michaelson Gumede. In some way or another, we all grew up idolizing popular individuals in various professions, particularly in fields that we sought to be experts in one day. Boston offers a degree and specializations rage from marketing, advertising, radio, television, graphic designing, and journalism for those who dream of getting into one or more of the many intriguing forms of media.


Ruan Venter from Boston City Campus says that graduates who are equipped with a comprehensive and integrated knowledge of logistics will have doors open to them. 'The growth in the importance of logistics and supply chain management has grown in an exponential way,' says Venter, Registrar at Boston City Campus. 

By Dr Hendrik Botha and Dr Janet Viljoen. What better foundation for a career in business and management than a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree. Tried and tested, the BCom in Law offers a core skillset that puts you on track for managerial positions in organisations, or toward successfully owning your own business.


While many institutions grapple with a sudden and dramatic shift to online learning, we ARE technology-based learning!  It is in our DNA! Boston has decades of experience in providing online-based tuition, individual student support, and assessments for Higher Education as well as shorter learning programmes.