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Does serving others fulfill you? Do you enjoy interacting with people? The hospitality industry can be incredibly demanding but it can also provide you with unique opportunities to explore and experience the world.

This industry is ideally suited to people who are 'hands on' rather than pure academics.

One of the biggest draw cards of working in the hospitality sector is the ability to travel and interact with people from different parts of the world. Conversely a major drawback is the long, unusual hours you will be required to work.

As a trained professional in the hospitality sector you will have the opportunity to work in service environments such as cruise ships, hotels, travel agencies and restaurants to name a few.

Some of your duties could include, serving clients, handling complaints and maintaining clean work environments. As you are promoted to a more senior position you will be responsible for delegating staff, running the establishment, and dealing with clients.

Work experience is an important aspect of learning and highly valued by potential employers. In fact those who obtain management positions typically have experience in a variety of job roles.

If your goal is to move up the industry ranks you will need to have a qualification in your particular field of expertise. While a degree is not essential some kind of formal training is necessary.

If you are interested in training sign up for this hospitality course offered by Boston City Campus Business College or check out Ace QA & Training for customer service training programmes.

Get more insight into the hospitality sector by watching this video

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