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Are you nearing the end of your school career? Are you unsure about what to do after you finish the biggest phase of your young life thus far? Do you know that you want to make a success of your life, but don't know WHAT or HOW you want to do this?

Join Warriors Academy

Specialists in personal and outdoor pursuit development

We are passionate about equipping young men and women with the skills and life experiences they need to succeed at university, in a career, the workplace and in life.

The Warriors unique selling point is a program that embraces a multitude of challenges and experiences that, after an extended period of exposure to new and unfamiliar circumstances, are character forming and values based and give young people the space, time and opportunity to discover their true purpose and direction.

As an innovative GAP program, Warriors is an extended journey of self discovery, a focus on holistic personal unearthing.

Integrating elements adventure, eco tourism, work place skills and community outreach, Warriors is moving the GAP year from good to more than great, to totally awesome!

To address this we have designed a range of programs or Quests, that enhance and enrich existing areas of personal development and produce 'stand out global citizens' complementing modern parenting needs. Each of the four Quest runs for seven weeks.

Participants may enroll in any, or all of the Quests.

Each quest will take you through a series of workshops and adrenaline rushing activities.

In addition, Warriors is developing an accredited three year Outdoor Pursuits (Adventure Instructor - in more common terms) training program that begins with the Generic Adventure Site Guide qualification, followed by the FETC Certificate Qualification in Adventure Based Learning and finally National Certificate in Adventure Based Learning.

A career option not currently available anywhere else in South Africa.

For more detailed information visit our website www.warriors.co.za

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