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Gaming the System: Using Games in Education

23 June 2017

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Using video games in education? But wait a second and hear me out; it’s not as crazy as it sounds. While most video games are not designed with education in mind, that ...

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Sasol Learner Technician
23 June 2017

Sasol is currently offering you the opportunity to participate in their technician in training on a three year Sasol guided programme (P1 & P2). Do you have Technician exposure?.

How to Become a Computer Game Developer
23 June 2017

Computer games are awesome. Whether you like strategy games, first-person shooters, adventure games, role-playing games, whatever, computer games are fantastic. If you like computer games as much ...

Rent-a-Student: Paid Part-Time Work for Students
22 June 2017

Established in 2008, Rent-a-Student has helped over 20,000 students secure paid part-time work throughout term time and during the holiday periods.


How has using the internet changed your life? Has using the internet prompted you to be more innovative or improved your life? Then why not enter our Internet Competition?

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism is running an Internet competition made up of two categories: “Internet Innovation” and “How Internet improved my life/business”.

1.Tell us about your innovative idea and stand a chance to win R10,000

The first category will be an award for an innovative idea using the Internet.

Contestants are to create a sample in the form of a picture, sketch, or a prototype.

The sample needs to be accompanied by a full description of between 500 and 800 words of the device/ application/ innovative idea and its functionality.

The innovation should demonstrate how it will/has contributed and/or led to the socio-economic upliftment of your community.

Contestants should include a baseline costing model (if any), to manufacture the device/ innovative idea.

Entries can be individual or group submission.

Note that it must be an original idea.

2. Tell us your story and stand a chance to win R2,000

The second category is an inspirational story about how the Internet improved your life or business.

Contestants are to describe in no more than 400 words, how using the Internet has changed their life and/or business.

Contestants must include a description of their lives before and after the Internet, and what caused the change.

Competition Prizes

The competition will be open to everyone in the Western Cape, including businesses.

The prizes for the competition are awarded across two categories:

First category: award for an innovative idea using the Internet for the benefit of a community in the Western Cape. One prize of R10, 000.00 per quarter will be awarded in this category.

Second category: award for an inspirational story about how the Internet improved your life or business. Two prizes of R2,000 each per quarter will be awarded in this category.

Competition Dates

This competition will run over two quarters. The first quarter starts on 01 October 2014 and runs to 19 December 2014, while the second quarter starts on 11 December 2014 and ends on 12 March 2015.

The closing dates for entries are:

12 March 2015; at Midnight

Entry Submissions

Participants can enter the competition by submitting their entries via e-mail or post.

For the 1st category (Internet Innovation), the entry must include a sample (picture, sketch, or a prototype)

Unfortunately this position is now closed.

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