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Gaming the System: Using Games in Education

23 June 2017

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Using video games in education? But wait a second and hear me out; it’s not as crazy as it sounds. While most video games are not designed with education in mind, that ...

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Sasol Learner Technician
23 June 2017

Sasol is currently offering you the opportunity to participate in their technician in training on a three year Sasol guided programme (P1 & P2). Do you have Technician exposure?.

How to Become a Computer Game Developer
23 June 2017

Computer games are awesome. Whether you like strategy games, first-person shooters, adventure games, role-playing games, whatever, computer games are fantastic. If you like computer games as much ...

Rent-a-Student: Paid Part-Time Work for Students
22 June 2017

Established in 2008, Rent-a-Student has helped over 20,000 students secure paid part-time work throughout term time and during the holiday periods.


JOIN BRIGHTFUTURE! We believe that if everyone takes small, everyday, sustainable actions we can all help make the world a better place!

Tell us your child's idea on how to create a better world along with a pic or video using ‪#‎brightfutureSA‬ to stand a chance of winning a R10 000 bursary!

Every child is a little hero in their parent’s eyes.

What makes them even more special is their ability to see things differently, through a filter of innocence.

It is their positive outlook on life that inspires us, as parents and adults, to preserve our planet for our children and future generations to come.

Unleash your little hero’s imagination to create a bright future and you could WIN 1 of 5 R10 000 bursaries for your child.

Share your child’s ideas on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #brightfutureSA, you can also submit them on our Unilever Facebook Page.

Unfortunately this position is now closed.

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