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Saving for the Future: Funding Your Child’s Education

23 March 2017

Education. It’s a vital part of any child’s life, but it costs money. School fees and other related costs can easily eat up a good portion of parents’ salaries.

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From Top Gun to a high-flying job
16 March 2017

It started with the high-octane, speed-of-sound machismo of the movie Top Gun, led to his first solo flight, becoming an airline captain, obtaining an MBA and rising to one of the most senior jobs ...

App-solutely Fantastic: Apps for Students
15 March 2017

Being a student is hard; you have to balance studying, socialising and doing work, be it homework or a job. We have our phones with us constantly throughout this, but have you ever thought about ...

Gaming the System: Using Games in Education
13 March 2017

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Using video games in education? But wait a second and hear me out; it’s not as crazy as it sounds. While most video games are not designed with education in mind, that ...


Learners are invited to apply to take part in the first round of competitions at TVET colleges countrywide.

The National competition will take place in January 2017.

The application form is on our website and is to be completed electronically.

Applications close on 15 May 2016. Any person born in 1995 and after (i.e 22 years of age in 2017) can apply.

After the college competitions, winners will be invited to compete at the Provincial competitions, and the Provincial winners will be invited to compete at the National competition.

The dates of the college and provincial competitions will be made available soon.

Finalists will compete at the National competition in August 2016 to determine the winners for the international competition.

South Africa aims to add 5 new skills every time we compete.

The next international competition will be held in Abu Dhabi in 2017 and aims to:

• Promote exchange between young professionals from various regions of the world;

• Exchange skills, experience and technological innovations;

• Raise the understanding in governments, education and industry to the importance of skills training; and

• Raise the awareness of youth and those who influence the youth to opportunities available in skilled professions.


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