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Saving for the Future: Funding Your Child’s Education

23 March 2017

Education. It’s a vital part of any child’s life, but it costs money. School fees and other related costs can easily eat up a good portion of parents’ salaries.

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From Top Gun to a high-flying job
16 March 2017

It started with the high-octane, speed-of-sound machismo of the movie Top Gun, led to his first solo flight, becoming an airline captain, obtaining an MBA and rising to one of the most senior jobs ...

App-solutely Fantastic: Apps for Students
15 March 2017

Being a student is hard; you have to balance studying, socialising and doing work, be it homework or a job. We have our phones with us constantly throughout this, but have you ever thought about ...

Gaming the System: Using Games in Education
13 March 2017

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Using video games in education? But wait a second and hear me out; it’s not as crazy as it sounds. While most video games are not designed with education in mind, that ...


#JutaPayItFwd: Nominate a fellow student who inspires you to win R40 000 from Juta by sharing their story.

At Juta we believe that if students work hard, define their own success and stay motivated there is no frontier that they cannot overcome.

Juta seeks to offer R40 000 to any student registered at a South African Tertiary Institution and support them in succeeding in their studies.

We’d like your help:

nominate a fellow student with an inspiring story in our #JutaPayItFwd campaign and give them a chance to go places with Juta.

Nominate a fellow student to win with #JutaPayItFwd– and if your nominee is chosen as the winner you also receive R1000! (Sorry - you can’t nominate yourself - that’s not paying it forward!)

Here is how it works:

  • Be creative and tell us why this student deserves a boost.
  • Go to our Juta Academic Facebook page and tell us in under 250 words about a fellow student who inspires you through their determination.
  • Tell us why and how they inspire you and why you think they deserve to win R40 000 towards their studies. They must also be a registered student at a South African tertiary institution. Be sure to include the hashtag #JutaPayItFwd in your submission.
  • Nominations may also be submitted by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line: “#JutaPayItFwd” or sending a WhatsApp message to 072 266 0464.
  • We will then select the five most inspiring nominations and get users to vote for these finalists on the Juta Academic Facebook page.
  • The winner of the R40 0000 #JutaPayItFwd prize will be selected based on the total likes and shares received per nomination.
  • The winner of the #JutaGoingPlaces competition will also be announced on Wednesday 15th June 2016.
  • Remember you only have until 20 May 2016 to send in your #JutaPayItFwd nomination and voting will run from 20 May till 3 June 2016.

#JutaPayItFwd is part of the #JutaGoingPlaces campaign which aims to encourage students to purchase and own their prescribed textbooks, which will help them succeed with their studies.

Students who have bought their Juta prescribed textbooks have an opportunity to win a guaranteed R40 000 towards their study costs with #JutaGoingPlaces.


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