Are you looking for Grade 12 Maths notes? Then you've come to the right place! We have study notes for Grade 12 Maths that will help you prepare for your tests and exams.

Grade 12: Maths Notes

These notes are not intended to replace studying but rather to complement your studies. Use these notes and the exercises contained within as additional study material, not your only study material.

Paper 1

Sequences & Series:
Arithmetic Sequences
Arithmetic Sequences - Memo
Geometric Sequences
Geometric Sequences - Memo
Quadratic Sequences
Quadratic Sequences - Memo

Differential Calculus (with a slight touch on limits)

Financial Maths:
Financial Maths – Interest

Exponents and Surds:
Exponent and Surd Laws

Paper 2

Co-ordinate Geometry:
Co-ordinate Geometry Formulae
Co-ordinate Geometry – Circles

Trigonometry Formulae
Trigonometry Graphs
Compound Angles
Special Compound Angle Example
Trigonometry Equations
Trigonometry Assessment 1
Trigonometry Assessment 2

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