department of basic education

National Teachers' Union wants matric markers to be randomly tested for Covid-19 at marking centres. Covid has now taken the lives of three markers.

2020's curriculum was affected which in turn would affect 2021's curriculum and this seems to be a concern for many. Now, a close eye will be kept on whether the department can deliver when it comes to this year''s school curriculum.

With the department announcing earlier that they will be opening online schools, Deputy Minister Reginah Mhaule reiterated that they are working hard to improve on e-learning. 

On Friday morning, Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Reginah Mhaule, addressed whether schools will be reopening as scheduled or later which could also then affect the 2021 school calendar. This announcement follows meetings with the National Coronavirus Command Council.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) will now hold consultations on the openings of the 2021 school year as we still experience this pandemic. They will be monitoring schools to check whether they are ready to reopen and to also ensure that it can be done safely.

The Director-General of the Department of Basic Education, Mathanzima Mweli, is concerned when it comes to social distancing not being undertaken at a Limpopo marking centre.

Talk has been going around about when schools will open with some saying that it might be delayed. Now, we will finally get answers as Minister Angie Motshekga will speak tomorrow.

The Department of Basic Education aims to increase the number of educators in the country. This is being done through the Funza Lushaka Bursary which provides funding to students wishing to study in the Education field. Here are the programmes the bursary covers.

Schools are due to open this month but with the country going through the crisis of the second Covid wave, many are now speaking against schools reopening. A survey done showed that over 50% of adults do not agree with schools reopening.

With schools reopening soon and no word from the Department on it being pushed back yet, National Teachers' Union believes that schools are not ready to open yet with concerns about teachers being raised as well.