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The AAA School of Advertising is running a great competition and the prize is full tuition to study Copywriting with second prize being an ipad mini worth R3500. To be eligible for the competition, your word must be entered in the form provided on the AAA School website via email. A confirmation email will then be sent to you by the AAA School of Advertising.

What's the competition?

1. Invent a word

2. Show us how your word can be used.

3. Think of ways to “sell” your word.

How to get started:

It’s time to start thinking like a copywriter.

Find out more about copywriting

1. Think about the type of people who would use your word. (Yes, copywriting involves a large dose of psychology too.)

2. Now consider where you would reach these people? Facebook, Twitter, pictures on instagram, YouTube videos, the back of your car window, on your dog’s collar? That’s up to you.

3. Now promote your word to these people in these places. (Copywriting is not just about words – it’s about connecting your brand with people in an appropriate way.)

4. Share your progress – with us and your friends. Upload pictures, posts or status updates on social media channels. Whenever you use your word on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram link it to #AAAOneWord. We will monitor this hash tag and keep track of your progress.

5. Create a summary of how you have successfully “sold” your word. You can create a video, make a collage or even just write a synopsis. It’s your word so find a way that suits you!

How do you enter:

Click Here for entry forms and all other information.

Can you think of any words off the top of your head that you could suggest?

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