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Milpark College Education’s Vocational and Further Education and Training (FET) School was launched in 2014 to help you!

Milpark College offers a broad range of FET qualifications in Bookkeeping, Office Administration and HR, and are currently introducing some new courses as well. One of the many benefits of Milpark College is that it accommodates those students who do not necessarily have a matric or Grade 12 qualification but would like to achieve a national qualification or international certification.

Milpark Education is a private, registered provider of accredited Higher Education and Further Education and Training qualifications, so they offer something for everyone. These education programmes are also offered via distance learning or contact learning so they really are trying to meet the needs of every individual.

The vocational and FET qualifications allow learners to start working sooner while gaining invaluable work experience which will be an advantage in a competitive job market.

How to Apply?

To start studying with Milpark College be sure to apply for their second term FET qualifications by registering online before 20 March 2014 at www.milpark.ac.za

Should you need further assistance you can contact them on 086 999 0727

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