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The objective of this workshop series is to give unemployed youth a very real option of creating their own path to earning an income. The workshop series has been created due to the huge need we face in South Africa to see more young people participating in the economy.

We believe that if you want to go places, you must learn, learn and learn because your studies are not enough on their own. With a little bit of knowledge and practice, you will find your true potential!

The series of workshops includes both knowledge-transfer and information-sharing, so that our students can more easily bridge the gap between tertiary school and the workplace. It is a wonderful opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience in a short space of time.

The Program will start on the 1st of May 2014 and finish on the 31st July 2014.

Some of the workshop subjects we offer:


1. Business management/Entrepreneurship (incl. business plans, company registration, etc.)

2. People Management Principles (incl. labour legislation, interview processes & contracts)

3. Business Writing Skills & Report Writing

4. Principles of Safety Health Environment Quality in the Workplace

5. Financial Management Principles (incl. basic accounting principles & personal finance)

6. Sales & Marketing & Social Media

7. End User Computing skills

8. Personal Empowerment & Finding Happiness

9. Idea generation and Thinking Methodologies

10. Goal Setting & Planning & Time management

11. Assertiveness, Confidence & Conflict Management

12. Communication & Presentation Skills

13. Leadership Skills & teamwork

14. Customer Care

We facilitate the Workshops in the form of training material, practical experience and Conversation Desks within the group.


The target group for the workshop includes youth with tertiary education who want some practical experience and skills pre entering the job-market OR youth who have been unable to acquire jobs or create an income for themselves.

Pre-conditions for application:

18 – 35 years

Unemployed graduate

Has a matric


provides confidential encouragement

is a source of information & helps self-knowledge

builds confidence

helps career development and the establishment of realistic career goals

develops an understanding of how organisations work

helps develop new skills

improves performance

Unfortunately this position is now closed.

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