Border Posts Closed Because of Covid-19 Dangers

The President has announced an update on the measures taken to battle the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the country. While the lockdown level 3 will remain with some additional measures, there were not the more significant restrictions that some were speculating about.

Based on the recommendations of the National Coronavirus Command Council the national Cabinet has decided the following:

* The country will stay on adjusted level 3. Most of the measures will remain in place because of the risk of widespread transmission. 

* Most indoor and outdoor gatherings will not be permitted. This does not include funerals but they may not be attended by more than 50 people and there needs to be social distancing.

* Hours of curfew will be from 9pm until 5am. This means that the curfew will end one hour earlier.

* It remains compulsory to wear a mask at all times in a public space.

* Health services in several parts of the country reported that the prohibition of alcohol sales had significantly reduced the number of trauma cases seen in our hospitals over the New Year period. It is vital that we continue to protect our health services. The sale of alcohol is still not permitted.

* All beaches, dams, lakes, rivers, public parks and public swimming pools in hotspot areas will be closed. Botanical gardens, national parks & other parks where access control measures & entry limitations are in place may remain open to the public

* Border posts have seen significant congestion so these will now be closed. 

* People will only be able to cross the border for transporting goods, urgent medical care, repatriation, daily commuters, and diplomats.  

* The level 3 measures will stay in place until the country is passed the peak of infections.

The President highlighted that vaccines are a normal practice and all South Africans are vaccinated against diseases like smallpox, measles, mumps rubella, etc.  The South African authorities will approve all vaccines for safely before they are administered. 

"I call on all South Africans to be part of the monumental task!"

"Gender based violence and femicide is our country's second pandemic," said Ramaphosa.  The government has been collaborating with several organisations to work with groups like taxi drivers to sensitise the population on issues such as toxic masculinity and gender-based violence. 

The good news for smokers is that there is no ban on purchasing cigarettes.

This is a developing story.


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